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Creating What We Need

Trans(forming) is an inter-generational, metro Atlanta membership-based organization led by and for Trans, Intersex, Gender non-conforming and Non-Binary persons, whom were wrongfully assigned female at birth. Through advocacy, education, leadership development, coalition-building, peer support, and direct service, we work to ensure our communities live with dignity, wellness, and connection for liberation. We address basic needs and build a sense of community among our members, while also mobilizing to transform institutions and systems that oppress us.

 The Latest News

Happy New Year! I hope your New Year is going well! I’ll be brief. I wanted to invite you to join me in supporting Trans(forming) with a new year donation. We know Trans(forming) is a member-based organization that has fun social events throughout the year and helps members updated documents when transitioning. What you might not know is that Trans(forming) also has a Prison Project supporting transmen behind bars. Trans(forming) supports transmen while they are in prison and pre and post release. BT often provides members with funds for commissaries from his own pocket. Could you join me in donating to Trans(forming) so he doesn’t have to?

To find out more about the Prison Project, click the link here and to go to the donation page click the link here.


Kevin, Trans(forming) Member

Attention All Trans(forming) Members:

Join us on Saturday, January 28, from 3 to 5 pm at Fowling Warehouse Atlanta (, please rsvp through email ([email protected]) or respond to the text blast. Hope to see you there.

One of our Transforming Prison Project members talked to 11Alive news about how PAD (Policing Alternatives & Diversion) has helped him.

He also spoke to the Fulton County Commissioners asking them not to defund PAD, because of how they have helped and supported him.

PAD assists with case management for some of our Prison Project members.

Click the link here to see the video on our Facebook page.

In this short documentary film by Jamie Roberts supported by Trans Network. Trans folks in Atlanta share how the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted them, their families, and relationships.

This is why Trans(forming) encourages the Trans community, specifically BIPoC transmasc, to consider getting the COVID-19 vaccine/boosters. As well as, getting the flu shot and wearing a mask. So, we don't go through this experience again.

Click here to watch the reel on our Instagram page.

Made possible with funding from CDC in partnership with Community Catalyst.

Facebook Highlight

A short documentary film, in which transfolk in Atlanta, share how the COVID-19 pandemic affected them.

See FB post for more details.


Community Over Cages

Is a coalition to close the Atlanta City Detention Center and re-purpose it to provide vital human and social services to those in the downtown Atlanta area.

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Peers Speak Out

We need more harm reduction services to keep people alive & equitable addiction services that meet people's individual goals and needs!  Learn what else people want & help us change the system!